A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the 72th edition of Mini Jam! The theme was Adventure and the limitation was "Death must be a core mechanic".

Lazarus is a platformer in which the player controls the eponymous character whose dearest wish is to join the sweet embrace of Death. But this isn't really Death's thing and she curses him to immortality.

Lazarus is now convinced that he must prove his worth to her somehow. Even if he has to use his own dead bodies to create bridges to reach her!


You can play with your keyboard or your gamepad.

Presented by DECEM team with love! 

Guilhem Cerba, Anthony David, Maxence Deliot, Antonin Gaboriau, Louis Girard, Thomas Guitton, Elias Nacef, Sophie Raudrant




Lazarus.zip 31 MB


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This is so challenging I can't 

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Here is a complete run I did

(low quality frame rate sorry)